Fireplaces & Inserts

Fireplaces have been heating homes for centuries. Today, you can heat your home economically with one of our fireplaces or fireplace inserts. 
At Hillside Acres, we install a fireplace insert into your existing fireplace that isn’t working anymore. Our fireplace inserts can be coal- or wood-burning stoves without legs.

We recommend that you allow us to install a stainless steel liner through the chimney to directly hook up your new coal- or wood-burning fireplace insert.

Modern fireplaces or inserts have systems that enable your entire home to get an even distribution of heat. And today’s technology allows you to easily light your fireplace and keep it going for 10-12 hours at a time.

Enjoy gathering your family and friends around your home’s fireplace for warmth, comfort and entertainment as you watch the flames dance over the logs. At Hillside Acres, our fireplaces and fireplace inserts are made to last a lifetime.

DS Anthra-Max Fireplace Insert

The DS Anthra-Max is an American-made, coal stove that puts efficiency and function ahead of price. Designed for the first floor or basement of a home, the DS Anthra-Max features an innovative smoke and gas re-burn system.

Starting at $2551.00

Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo Hopper Fireplace Insert

If you want to save on your energy bills and still heat your entire home, then the Hitzer Model 503 E-Z Flo fireplace insert is for you. The insert’s size and structure allows for a large amount of heat output while adding to the beauty of a traditional fireplace. The insert comfortably fits into most standard masonry fireplaces and is equipped with a 30 lb. E-Z flo hopper design system. The baffle plate design system has three air intake locations to maximize heat efficiency to cover your entire house. The Hitzer Model 503 heats up to 3,000 sq.ft and up to 80,000 BTU.

Starting at $2199.00

Hitzer Model 983 Fireplace Insert

The Hitzer Model 983 fireplace insert, built with exceptional design and Amish craftsmanship, is designed to fit most standard masonry fireplaces. You’ll find that the Model 983 directs more heat throughout your home than a traditional fireplace. It heats up to 3,000 sq. ft. and produces over 100,000 BTU. The Model 983 baffle plate system includes 16 directional air baffles and two 100 cfm blowers. The Model 983’s large firebox with three cast iron grates uses multiple fuel types and sizes. You and your family can relax by this superior fireplace watching the flames through the large firebox window. The Model 983 fireplace insert creates a warm and soothing environment while providing cost efficient heat and beauty to your home. You’ll enjoy the warmth and relaxation you receive with the Hitzer Model 983 fireplace insert.

NEO 1.6 Insert

With our NEO 1.6 fireplace insert, you don’t have to sacrifice contemporary design or the comfort of a fire in the hearth. The Neo 1.6 wood-burning insert fits comfortably into existing masonry fireplaces. The NEO 1.6 is built with heavy-gauge steel and comes with a cast iron door. The NEO’s advanced heat exchange technology and secondary baffle delivers exceptionally clean-burning, energy-efficient heating performance. Plus, it features a flush profile with a large, clear glass window so you and your family can enjoy watching the flames dance. If you want to increase the heating capabilities of your wood-burning fireplace, consider the NEO 1.6 fireplace insert.

Starting at $3195

Alderlea T5 Classic Insert

With the Alderlea T5 Classic Insert, you can transform your fireplace into an efficient heating system that fits into your home’s design with its traditional cast-iron styling. We sell the T5 classic insert in rich metallic black or porcelain enamel to create a striking centerpiece that provides long-lasting, clean-burning heat for your home.

Kuma Aspen

If you have a small fireplace and you want to increase its ability to heat your home, then you want the Kuma Aspen fireplace insert. At only 18" tall, it’ll fit most small fireplaces. 

The Aspen fits both masonry and factory-built (zero-clearance) fireplaces with the use of a 6" stainless steel flue liner. The adjustable depth surround panel adds flexibility during installation.

The full, double-wall construction of the Aspen maximizes heat into any room by trapping the air around the firebox and only letting it escape through the front. By trapping the air to the front, the Aspen can heat any room.

To increase the Aspen’s heating efficiency, you can add a blower to circulate warm air throughout your rooms. The Kuma Aspen allows you to use your small fireplace for maximum heating efficiency—saving you money on your energy bills.

Kuma Inserts starting at $1675.00

Kuma Ashwood

If you have a medium-sized fireplace and you’re looking to increase its heating capacity, you want the Kuma Ashwood fireplace insert. At Hillside Acres, we’ll install an insert in your masonry or factory built (zero-clearance) fireplace with the use of a 6" flue liner.

The Ashwood wood-burning fireplace insert is capable of heating over 2,000 sq.ft. At 20-1/8" tall, the Ashwood's height fits in most medium sized fireplaces. The Ashwood’s effective air wash system keeps your fireplace glass clean so you and your family can enjoy watching the fire on a cold winter evening.

The Ashwood fireplace insert can burn up to 10 hours before rekindling it.

You can also add a 160 cfm blower that you manually control, or you can switch it over to auto mode to burn overnight. The thermostatically-controlled blower will shut off during the later stages of the fire and will automatically turn back on the next morning when you re-kindle the fire.

Kuma Sequoia

If you have a large home and you’re looking for new fireplace ideas, consider the Kuma Sequoia fireplace insert. The wood-burning Sequoia has the highest tested efficiency of any fireplace insert in North America. 

The EPA listed the Sequoia’s heating efficiency at 84% because the insert will produce more heat using less wood.

The Sequoia fireplace insert also has one of the highest BTU outputs. The insert’s natural air-circulating design produces a good amount of air flow without a fan.

Additionally, the Sequoia distributes heat evenly throughout your entire home. You can also include a blower that has a manual and automatic mode, allowing for maximum, operating flexibility. 

You can expect the Sequoia to burn 12-14 hours a day and still leave you with enough coals to start the next burn cycle. A Sequoia fireplace insert heats up to 3,500 sq.ft in a well-insulated home.

If you’re ready to save money on your high energy bills and have a large home, the Sequoia fireplace insert is right for you.

With the correct Chimney liner and stove combination you can a lot of money off your heating bill

Super Insert

If you’re tired of your wood-burning fireplace being drafty, consider adding Pacific Energy’s wood fireplace insert. With the Super Insert, you’ll enjoy better heating efficiency with its easy-to-light and easy-to-load capacities.

You can still enjoy watching the flames inside your fireplace because the Super Insert’s large ceramic glass door gives you a full view of your log fire.

Stay warm this winter with a Super Insert by Pacific Energy. Call today for current pricing

Summit Insert

You can heat large spaces with a Summit fireplace insert for your existing masonry fireplace. The Summit is the first fireplace insert with extended burn technology.

The Summit is a clean-burning heat source that’s also easy to light and includes a large window with a clear view of the flames.

The Summit has a variable speed fan with clean-glass air wash technology and heavy-gauge overbuilt construction for long-lasting durability. Enjoy a lifetime of warm winter days and nights with a Summit fireplace insert.

The Summit will provide your family with 10 full hours of controlled burning. You and your family will stay warm throughout the winter with this long wood-burning stove.

PE Fireplace FP25

If you have a mid-size home, you can now comfortably heat it by adding a PE Fireplace FP 25. This wall-mounted fireplace provides exceptional wood heat performance with a large contemporary cast iron door and viewing area.

The FP25, crafted with a floating firebox of heavy gauge steel, a high-capacity baffle system, and EBT2 extended burn technology, will give you years of reliable heat for your home. It’s full-featured, zero clearance fireplace is easy to load and easy to light.

You control each heat duct with a switch, transferring heat into isolated rooms and allowing for on-demand control and comfort.

You can save money on your energy bills when you supplement your home’s heating source by adding a heat distribution system with the FP25.

Enviro Gas Fireplaces and Inserts

At Hillside Acres, we sell and install Enviro gas burning fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Enviro natural  or Propane gas fireplaces and inserts are designed to last and come in a variety of styles to match your home’s décor.

Enviro’s fireplaces and inserts also come with the latest technology to save you money on your heating bills as well as provide you with long-lasting durability and beauty.

Starting at $1895.00

Q1 Zero Clearance Insert or Fireplace

  • Clean face look – no louvers
  • SIT valve | standing pilot
  • Clear view safety screen
  • Hand-welded firebox
  • Top / rear venting options
  • Fireplace and fireplace insert configurations

Starting at $3295

Q4 Zero Clearance

  • Clean face look – no louvers
  • IPI valve with remote
  • 67% burner turn down
  • Viewing area: 29”H x 33¼”W
  • High-definition log set
  • Clear view safety screen
  • Cast iron log grate
  • Welded firebox

Starting at $3300

E33 Insert

  • Clean face look – no louvers
  • SIT valve 820 (standing pilot)
  • SIT valve 885 (IPI system with remote)
  • High-definition log set
  • Easy-access burner switch
  • 50% turn down valve
  • Clear view safety screen
  • Quick-access valve controls (contemporary and extruded surround panels only)