Coal, forced air, and greenhouse furnaces

Coal Furnaces

A furnace is a central heating system using coal, gas, or propane to heat a house or any other space. At Hillside Acres, we have many different types of furnaces for sale including coal and coal furnaces.

DS EnergyMax 110

One of our best sellers, the EnergyMax 110 is a high efficiency coal furnace. It produces a clean burn and features a glass view door. The DS regulator naturally distributes heat throughout your entire home by controlling the draft that feeds the fire. For example, if you need more heat, you turn the dial up. And if you want it a bit cooler, you turn the dial down. We can install an EnergyMax in the basement to serve as a whole house heater. This EnergyMax uses the DS regulator and burns with 85% efficiency.

DS EnergyMax 160

You can heat your entire house with a coal burning EnergyMax 160 home furnace. This basement model uses convection heat. The DS regulator and circulator make the furnace work with a maximum efficiency of 85%. It’s designed to last a lifetime with its 2 ½” fire brick in the firebox. At Hillside Acres, we’ll install the EnergyMax 160 in your home’s basement, in your shop or your greenhouse.

DS HeatRight 120

No need to spend thousands of dollars. The HeatRight 120 can handle coal, and can heat your whole house, shop, or just about any space. The HeatRight is a mid-range quality product, designed for durability, low cost, simple operation. It features a bi-metal draft regulator, heavy plate steel construction, exterior Shaker handle, and stainless steel reburn tubes.

DS CoalMaster

The CoalMaster can heat your entire home using no electricity. The gravity-fed hopper provides up to two days of continuous heat. This basement model features a window for monitoring. Works great in greenhouses and shops, too.

Hitzer Model 55 Furnace

Hitzer Model 55 Furnace utilizes the basic design of the Model 55 stove, which uses radiant heat and has a large firebox. If you’re in the market to buy a new furnace to save on your heating bills, you have many options with the Hitzer 55 model:

• You can use a radiant heat version or you can use the optional 460 cfm blower.
• If you opt for the blower unit, your model comes with an air filter housing system.
• You can choose the water coil to act as your water heater.

This house furnace captures the stove’s heat and evenly distributes it throughout your entire home. The home furnace has a large fuel door and firebox so you can use different types and sizes of fuel to heat it. It also has a BTU rating of 60,000 and will heat up to 2,000 square feet.

Hitzer Model 82 Furnace

The Hitzer Model 82 furnace, made with design and satisfaction in mind, evenly distributes heat throughout your entire house when it’s hooked up to your home’s ductwork. The extra-large fuel door and firebox allows you to use multiple types of fuel in different sizes. The Model 82 furnace has a rating of 110,000 BTU and can heat up to 2,500 square feet of your home.

The Model 82 furnace has many options to choose from including:

• The radiant version
• Optional 980 cfm blower
• Air filter housing system with a blower unit
• Optional water coil to heat your home’s water system

Hitzer Model 710 Energy Master II Stoker Furnace

The Hitzer Master II Model 710 is a stoker hot air furnace. You don’t have to worry if you forget to add fuel in the morning or evening because the stoker furnace’s 160-pound stainless steel hopper and large ash pan can burn unattended for a long time.

If you don’t have a chimney, the Energy Master is a perfect furnace for your home. We can install a power vent in place of a chimney so your furnace can emit smoke to the outside.

With a push of a button, the Energy Master heats your home from 7,000 to 150,000 BTU with its integrated Coal-Trol Digital™ control system. You’ll also have your home’s heat evenly distributed with the 1008 cfm distribution blower.

The 1008 cfm distribution blower precisely controls heat outputs and saves coal by only burning the amount needed to hold the set temperature. The Energy Master II Stoker Furnace has a day/night set back that saves you even more fuel when you set overnight temperature lower than your daytime temperature. The Coal-Trol Digital™ control, considered the cruise control for your coal stove, constantly monitors room temperature and adjusts the fuel feed rate to maintain the set temperature. Plus, you can adjust the feed rate and the convection blower speed for each room.

Forced Air Furnaces

DS Ecomiser

The Ecomiser was designed to be economical. This coal-burning furnace is controlled with a bi-metal regulator, combining with secondary combustion for maximum efficiency, using less fuel. The Ecomiser offers a domestic water option and a single-speed blower. It can heat a whole house, shop or greenhouse for less money.

DS Kozy-King

Our goal is to serve your needs with a very efficient, clean burning furnace to heat your home. The Kozy-King’s secondary combustion provides maximum efficiency with less fuel. This coal burning furnace, available in three sizes, is thermostat controlled for even temperature. The Kozy-King comes with a 3-speed blower and a safety feature to prevent overheating. The DS Circulator rests inside the firebox and is insulated with a sheet metal jacket. You can use this unit independently or in conjunction with another furnace. The Kozy-King will heat your whole house, shop or greenhouse, and has a smoke reburn system.

Coal Furnaces

Greenhouse Furnaces

GH Blast

Our greenhouse furnace requires no electricity to heat the entire area. Each unit has a powerful heat exchanger combined with the DS Circulator system for excellent gravity circulation.