Grills & Camping Supplies

Nothing says summer fun more than sitting in front of your fire pit sharing stories and making s’mores or grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for a Fourth of July picnic. At Hillside Acres, we sell a wide variety of grilling and camping supplies. Our fire pits, grills and pizza ovens work well for any family who enjoys entertaining in their backyard. Our camping supplies allow you to cook at your favorite campsite—whether that’s at the beach or in the mountains. We’re a one-stop shop for all your outdoor living needs and we sell two types of grills: the Kuma Platinum SE pellet grill and the Kamado Grill 400 Series. Both brands make excellent patio grills.

Platinum SE Pellet Grill

The Kuma Platinum SE is simply the best value in American-made pellet grills. Platinum SE rivals other made in America grills like MAK and Memphis. For example, Platinum SE costs up to $800 less than its competitors.

You can sear or grill meat over the Platinum SE’s unique direct flame cooking grill. And, your satisfaction is our absolute priority.

That's why we have the "50 Days/50 Dollars" Guarantee Program.

You get a full 50 days from your purchase date to be entirely sure that you love your new Kuma grill. At the end of the 50-day satisfaction guarantee, if you choose to return your grill, we'll pay the return shipping, give you a 100% refund. Plus, we’ll send you a $50 Visa gift card to use toward the next grill of your dreams.

Starting at: $1799

Silver Rocket

The Silver Rocket is perfect for any outdoor setting. Made in the U.S.A from 304 stainless steel, this durable grill will cook kebobs, smoke sausage, sear fish, grill asparagus, roast lamb, and bake pork chops. With it’s record breaking start up time and unsurpassed heat containment, the Silver Rocket provides the finest outdoor cooking.

Starting at $1675



Louisiana Grill Series 700

Louisiana Grills Series 700 makes it simple to prepare wood-fired food for 2 to 4 people. This grill is made to last and will char broil meat, grill fish, smoke turkey, braise chicken, bake pizza, roast beef, and sear tuna. The Digital Control Center allows for 5°F increment adjustments from 170°F to 600°F. Fan forced air accelerates a clear burning flame to coat your food in flavorful smoke.

Starting at $799

Pit Boss 340 Pellet

Small, mighty and fueled by all-natural wood pellets, Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grills are made to last. 
Set the temperature from 180° to 500°F to smoke, braise, bake, and roast on a 340 sq. in. cooking space with porcelain coated cooking grids. Skip the rotisserie; the Pit Boss has fan forced convection cooking. 
Turn on the digital control board; start grilling; enjoy tailgating. 

Starting at $429


QSTOVE uses smokeless wood pellets that solve heating problems at a low cost. QSTOVE is a non-electric, gravity fed stove that works outdoors. It runs on compressed saw dust made from a premium blend of Douglas Fir trees and Pine without glue, additives or enhancements.
QSTOVE gravity fed outdoor patio heaters:
• Cost as low as $0.5/hour to run
• Require no electricity
• Have a real woody smell
• Produce a real flame
• Weigh 50-66 lbs and fit in an SUV, truck or car
• Heat off grid
• Store and set up easily
• Perfect for camping, parties, and emergency preparedness

Kamado Grill 400 Series

More than 3,000 years of clay pot cooking from around the world inspired the Icon Kamado design. During the generations, our ancestors have continued to refine Kamado techniques for grilling, smoking, baking and cooking all types of food, including meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Kamado cooking locks in moisture and provides a variety of ways to infuse different tastes into your foods, turning weekend grillers into neighborhood chefs.

The Kamado Grill 400 Series uses the Heat Zone cooking surface that makes preparing your favorite meats and vegetables a cinch.

The Kamado Grill 400 Series includes the following features:

• 604 sq. in. of cooking surface
• Cast iron top vent with Heat Zone controls
• Calibrated Heat Zone cooking dials
• Temperature gauge with color-coded cooking zones
• Removable ash drawer for easy cleaning
• Dual drop-down slatted side shelves
• Two-tier cast iron and stainless steel cooking grates
• Electric starter port for easy starting
• Lava stone allows for indirect cooking
• Thick competition fire bowl for better cooking
• 22" wide cart for extra stability
• Full-length commercial grade cover

Starting at $1099




Big Green Egg

Get a high-quality kamado-style charcoal grill from Big Green Egg. This state-of-the-art ceramic grill with porcelain glaze has a wide range of adjusted cooking temperatures. Explore seven different sizes that allow you to grill, smoke, and cook feasts. It’s the most versatile grill ever created and will be ready to use in minutes.

Ask about the new Big Green Egg 2XL. It’s the largest capacity high-performance ceramic grill with impact resistant glass and a patented hinge design for easy opening and closing. The Big Green Egg 2XL is made in the USA.


• 29 inches / 74 cm in diameter cooking grid
• 672 square cooking area
• Meets UL and NSF Standards for Commercial Use
• rEGGulator Vent Cap featuring insulated adjustment tab
• Best-in-class limited lifetime warranty

Starting at $399

Char-Broil Performance™ 4 Burner Gas Grill

The sleek, stainless-steel designed Performance™ 4 Burner Gas Grill is made to last. It comes in charcoal and gas with an electric igniter. Both are economical choices that emit flames from stainless steel burners and cook food evenly. Clean-up is a breeze with rust-resistant porcelain-coated cast iron grates and removable porcelain-coated grease pan.

Starting at $116

Blackstone Griddle

High-quality, pre-seasoned Blackstone Griddles are portable, functional, and make outdoor cooking fun. It’s great for small or large groups. The 28" griddle gives fast, consistent results due to 7 gauge (3/16″), thick rolled steel surface that puts off 60,000 BTUs of maximum heat. The 2″ high side keeps food in place and makes the perfect meal any time of day. The fold and go design, industrial strength caster wheels, and an easy-to-move top make this griddle portable. Complete with a non-rust finish, grease can and hanger.

Starting at $229

Fire Pits

If you enjoy spending time in your backyard with your family and friends, consider investing in a fire pit. You can add a seat wall with pillows or Adirondack chairs around your fire pit to give it a cozy feel.

Sing your favorite camp songs, share stories and make s'mores in your fire pit from Hillside Acres.

Luxeve Fire Pit

The Luxeve Fire Pit is designed to be a beautiful outdoor fire accent that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to complement your patio space. Using Breeo Industries’ patent-pending smokeless technology, Luxeve takes sitting fireside to a new level of outdoor enjoyment.

A powder-coated exterior available in multiple colors, modern black feet, and fire pit glass around the rim gives Luxeve contrast and style. Using the Luxeve Fire Pit as a substitution for gas fire pits has many economic and environmental benefits.

Zentro™ Fire Pit

Zentro™ nearly eliminates annoying smoke when you’re sitting around your new fire pit. You can breathe easy while playing guitar and singing. Zentro™ works with new or existing fire rings, fitting inside diameters from 33-44” with a retro-fit ring, or 30-32.5” without a fire ring.

Starting at $699 (Stonework not included. Call for Pricing)

Ablaze Fire Pit

Ablaze is the original smokeless fire pit. This unit is no-nonsense, heavy duty, and ready for whatever cooking, heating, or lighting function that comes its way. Not the prettiest fire pit, Ablaze is the toughest. Perfect for hardcore outdoor-loving people who want to grill as well as live off-grid, this heavy duty alternative will meet your needs. Ablaze won the Best-in-Category and Best-in-Show at the 2014 Vesta Awards (Hearth and Home Magazine), one of the most prestigious industry awards available for fire pits and outdoor home products.

Starting at $329

Double Flame Fire Pit

Breeo is the master at building smoke-reducing fire pits and believes in “Rethinking Fire.” The heavy duty Double Flame Fire Pit is newest patented fire pit design that won’t rust!

Amish craftsmen hand-build the 304-stainless steel pit in Lancaster, PA. All units are shaped, welded, and cut in America.

The pit requires no assembly and the unit is portable which makes it ideal for camping, parties and decks.

Breeo fire pits

For more information about Breeo fire pits, visit

JOI Candle Lights

JOI candles, manufactured by Caframo, produces enough light using only a tiny tea light. You can use JOI candle lights on your patio, by your swimming pool or take it with you camping to light up a porch, table, or outside an RV.

JOI candle lights don’t use batteries, solar, or wall power to create its light. Just like Caframo’s Ecofans wood stoves, JOI uses the same thermoelectric technology to transform the energy of a tea light into enough light to illuminate any outdoor living space.

Camfro manufactures their JOI candles with stainless steel, glass and aluminum to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. You’ll have a useful light source for all of your outdoor entertaining needs—whether at your cabin or in your backyard.

Starting at $149

Two-Burner Stoves

At Hillside Acres, we sell a wide variety of gas or propane two-burner (2-burner) stoves that you can take with you on any camping trip, or you can use them to can all of your favorite summer vegetables, fruits, jams and salsa.

Starting at $299

DB60D 2-Burner Stove

  • Fits DS #25 Canner
  • 60,000 total BTU/HR
  • Two cast aluminum burners
  • Folding legs
  • Built-in ignition
  • Side shelves included
  • Shown with #25 DS Canner

EX60lW 2-Burner Stove

  • Fits DS #25 Canner
  • 60,000 total BTU/HR
  • Two cast iron burners
  • Shown with #25 DS Canner

Pro 60 Two Burner Patio Cover

  • Weather-resistant liner
  • Durable construction for patio or base camp
  • Fits model: DB60D
  • Includes two burners

BS40C Table Top Burner

The power of a big stove in a compact body
Lightweight cast aluminum burners
34,000 BTU / hr. total
5 ft. regulator and hose included, hooks to 20 lb. LP tank
Matchless ignition

(Shown with #15 DS Canner)

DS Canner starting at $121
Table Top Burner starting at $114

Wood & Gas Canners

Starting at $699

Griddles & Grill Boxes

Camp Chef griddles and grill boxes take camping to the next level allowing you to change your method of cooking on your propane gas grill.

Whether you’re in the mountains, at the beach or at your hunting cabin, you can still enjoy eggs, bacon, pancakes and sausage for breakfast while having chicken, ham or steak for dinner.

It’s simple to insert different griddles and grill boxes to meet all of your camp cooking needs.

Deluxe BBQ Box

  • Fits most Camp Chef 14” stoves
  • 14” x 32” cooking grill (448 sq. in. total cooking surface)
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Covers two burners
  • True seasoned finish cast iron grill grate holds the heat and sears the meat
  • Specially designed heat diffuser plates turn flames into infrared heat and instantly vaporizes grease drippings

Starting at $119

Deluxe BBQ Grill Box Accessory

  • Fits all Camp Chef 14” stoves
  • 14” x 16” cooking grill (224 sq. in. total cooking surface)
  • Built-in temperature gauge
  • Covers one burner
  • True seasoned finish cast iron grill grate holds the heat and sears the meat
  • Specially designed heat diffuser plates turn flame into infrared heat and instantly vaporizes grease drippings

Reversible Grill/Griddle

  • Fits all Camp Chef 14” and 16” stoves
  • 14” x 16” cooking area (224 sq. in. total cooking surface)
  • 2-in-1 reversible design for grill or griddle
  • Covers one burner
  • True seasoned finish cast iron grill/griddle holds the heat and sears the meat

BS40C Table Top Burner

  • The power of a big stove in a compact body
  •  Lightweight cast aluminum burners
  • 34,000 BTU / HR total
  • 5 ft. regulator and hose included 
  • Hooks up to a 20 lb. LP tank
  • Matchless ignition
  • Shown with #15 DS Canner