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DS Anthra-Max

Anthra-Max is an American-made, coal stove that puts efficiency and function ahead of price. Designed for the first floor or basement of your home, the Anthra-Max features an innovative smoke and gas reburn system. Features include adjustable secondary air, extra-wide ashpan (for minimum spillage), 24-48 hour burn time, heat exchanger tubes for natural circulation, secondary reburn baffle and removable fire brick retainers (bolt on).

DS Anthra-Max DSXV14

DS Anthra-Max DSXV16

DS Anthra-Max DSXV15

DS Comfort Max

The Comfort Max is the perfect blend of style, efficiency and flexibility. Designed to look like a piece of furniture, it provides a large view of the fire and burns coal with low emissions. Controlled by the DS Regulator, the secondary combustion system and heat exchanger make this unit 92% efficient.

Hitzer Model 608 Hitzer Energy Master I Stoker

The Hitzer Energy Master I Stoker is one of the most efficient and technologically advanced stoves on the market today. With intuitive design and new technology the Hitzer 608 Stoker is a customer’s top choice stove. As a HPBA Vesta Award Finalist the 608 Stoker has the credibility, intuition, and capabilities to go far beyond your expectations and needs. You will be amazed by the overall capabilities of such an efficient easy to operate stove. By the astounding Coal-trol design system it has incredible functions that allow you with complete control of your fire. Having a digital thermostat this enables push button control of your stove that requires no labor involved. With the technology of the Coal-trol combined with the intuition of the Stoker, the stove will maintain the exact temperature your Coal-trol is set at. The 608 Energy Master I Stoker has the unbelievable capability of producing as little as 7,000 btu’s or up to 90,000 btu’s of consistently warm heat. By having a 320 CFM blower you will be sure to feel the warmth of such an incredible stove throughout your home. There are so many feature that this astonishing stoker provides. One of the most convenient and popular features available for this stove is the ability to be operated with a power vent, which means by having the 608 stoker compatible with the power vent system it doesn’t require a chimney.

Other added features of the 608 Energy Master I Stoker include a large fire view window to enjoy the warming glow of your fire. The 608 stoker also includes a 90 pound hopper and large ash tray, which allows long extended burn times before disposal. Be utterly amazed with the easy operating technology and efficiency found in the Hitzer 608 Energy Master I Stoker. This stove is sure to make warm and happy friends.

Hitzer Stoves

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Hitzer Model 354 Stove

Hitzer model 354 produces outstanding amounts of evenly distributed heat, while providing luxury to one’s home. This stove unites true heat with versatile design. With multiple alternative fuel options this stove meets the convenience of its customers. The Hitzer 354 has maximum heating capabilities of heating up to twenty-five hundred square feet and provides BTU ratings of twenty thousand up to one hundred thousand btu’s. Hitzer 354 provides a large firebox, measuring twenty-five inches long, thirteen and half inches deep, and nineteen inches high, which allows for hours of warmth and comfort. By having a large full-view firebox window, this provides peaceful relaxation for all to experience. The Hitzer Model 354 is a fabulous heater that is sure to make a fabulous home.

Hitzer Model 254 Stove

Experience the warmth and satisfaction from the Hitzer 254 freestanding stove. This stove is commonly described by efficiency, versatility, and convenience. Hitzer model 254 is capable of heating up to two thousand square feet and producing over sixty thousand btu’s of evenly warm temperatures. With a twenty inch wide and thirteen inch deep firebox and unique baffle plate design the model 254 allows for versatility and capability of heating with multiple types of fuel choices and sizes. Because of the convenient size of the stove, this stove can be located in just about any area of your home. The full-view firebox window allows for comfort and warm relaxation provided by the soothing view of the fire. With the beauty and outstanding heating capabilities of the Hitzer model 254 this stove will be sure to make a house a warm and cozy home.

Hitzer Model 50-93 E-Z Flo Hopper Stove

Hitzer E-Z Flo 50-93 hopper stove combines exceptional heat, with modern design. Because of the EZ-Flo hopper design system this stove provides long hours of continuously even heating capabilities, with little to no maintenance at all. This stove can produce over 100,000 btu’s and 2,500 square foot of heating capacity. With the EZ-Flo removable hopper design this stove meets customer satisfaction with quality and convenience. The 50-93 provides hours of warmth and relaxation even on the worst of weather days. With no moving or mechanical parts this stove can be used during power outage. Enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire through the full-view firebox window, while experiencing the warmth of this exceptional heating stove throughout the entire house with the optional 210 cfm blower. The exterior grate shaker and removable ash pan allows for quick, easy, and clean removal of ash. Choose the color of your choice of stove and allow the EZ-Flo 50-93 to enhance your homes heat, while cutting heating cost. This stove will be sure to make warm friends.

Hitzer Model 30-95 E-Z Flo Hopper Stove

Hitzer 30-95 EZ-Flo Hopper Stove is an outstandingly efficient and convenient heating source.  With a thirty pound hopper this stove has extended long burns and produces over 60,000 btu’s of evenly warm temperatures.  The advance technology of a removable hopper is an added convenience of this top choice stove.  Like all Hitzer stoves, the 30-95 is thermostatically controlled, and provides heating capabilities with out electricity.  With heating capabilities of up to 2000 square feet the EZ-Flo meets your heating needs, as well as provides beauty and charm to one’s home.  The full view firebox window allows easy viewing that creates cozy warm relaxation.  With the color of stove to match your home, the Hitzer 30-95, will decorate your home, produce cost efficient heat, and create a warm and soothing environment.

Hitzer Model 55

Hitzer model 55 freestanding stove exploits radiant heat output with basic traditional design. Like all Hitzer products, this stove is constructed and built with Amish craftsmanship that will be sure to last. Utilizing the basic appearance and traditional design this stove was made to meet our customer’s needs. With a basic box-like steel structure, this stove is extremely customer friendly and heat efficient. Hitzer model 55 has a large firebox, to provide multiple alternative fuel size capabilities. The model 55 stove has a btu rating of sixty thousand btu’s, and is capable of heating up to two thousand square feet. With the simplicity of this stove, it requires no electricity to operate. Hitzer model 55 is an extremely low cost stove, with a high value of heating satisfaction.

Hitzer Model 82

Hitzer Model 82 freestanding stove demonstrates traditional design and originality. Model 82 is often described with consistency and heat satisfaction. Hitzer model 82 originated as the original Hitzer Stove. Utilizing the basic appearance and box-like steel structure the Hitzer model 82 is extremely customer friendly and heat efficient. Being considered a low cost, cost efficient stove, this model still has the capabilities of producing over one hundred thousand btu’s, and heating ability to heat over twenty-five hundred square feet. The Model 82 has the largest firebox of all the Hitzer models, which allows for a variety of alternative fuel types and sizes. Because of the simplicity of the stove it requires no electricity and has no moving mechanical parts. Over the years the Hitzer Model 82 has exemplified consistency, simplicity, and satisfaction to create hundreds of warm and happy friends.

DS Circulator

The DS Circulator will burn for up to two days. Known for its slow burning, the coal hopper is gravity-fed, using no electricity. The DS Regulator controls drafts. With different BTUs available, you can heat individual rooms or your whole house. Available in four sizes.