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Pellet stoves and fuel

Hudson River Pellet Stoves

Chatham Freestanding Stove

These stoves use modern technology, classic design, and exceptional heating to keep you and your family warm throughout the winter.
The Chatham pellet stove offers all the best features that cast Iron has to offer. Solid, timeless construction with detailed patterns and curves. We have incorporated a Large cast iron heat exchanger to maximize heat output. The door opens to allow you to enjoy your fire to the fullest and a whisper quiet fan is a standard feature.

- Cast Iron Construction
- Remote Control Capable
- Operates w/ Cast door open or closed
- 160 cfm variable speed fan
- Large Heat Exchanger

Chatham Fireplace Insert,

The Chatham pellet stove offers all the best features that cast Iron has to offer. We have incorporated a large cast iron heat exchanger to maximize heat output.

Fuel Type: Pellet
BTUs: 50,000
Efficiency: 85%
Hopper Capacity: 45 lbs
Maximum Burn Time: 30 hours +/-


The Kinderhook boasts a 130 lb. hopper, an integrated hearth pad, large ash pan, and digital controls. This is a truly turnkey pellet stove solution that customers hail as a “reliable workhorse of a pellet stove.” This high BTU utility stove includes an interior steel brick panel, whisper-quiet fan and state-of-the-art digital control board.


This handsome design is both compact and sturdy. The pedestal feature offers a large capacity ash drawer, greatly expanding time between ash removal. The stove is handsomely crafted and constructed with our heavy-duty heat exchanger and whisper-quiet convection fan. The step-top design offers extended hopper capacity, which ensures longer refill intervals and extended heating value.

Energex Hardwood Pellet Fuel

Manufactured out of Mifflintown, PA, our Premium Hardwood pellets are made of the finest blend of hardwoods that provide an ash content well below the industry standard of 1%. With the BTUs (on a dry basis) between 8,500 and 8,600, these hardwood pellets can put out a lot of heat with low ash Great Premium product at a great low price.
$5.85 a 40lb bag or $259.00 ton, Call about our Local delivery available.

• 8,500+ BTU’s Per lbs.
• Less than 1% Ash

Enviro Pellet Stoves

We also sell Enviro pellet stoves!

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