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Kuma Heating Stoves

Kuma Aspen

See a Kuma Stove in action: https://youtu.be/Zu8N49TO5PI

The Aspen adds a modern, flat-top touch to our small stove line-up. It's also amazingly versatile for installation due to its low clearance requirements. With a back wall, side wall, and corner clearance of only 8 inches, the Aspen can fit just about anywhere in your home. Additionally, when equipped with the pedestal, the Aspen has just a 31 inch overhead clearance requirement, making it the perfect fit for even the smallest of Alcove installations. The Aspen is also as user-friendly as it is install-friendly. With a single lever air control, the Aspen trades complicated operation for an easy and enjoyable stove experience.

Kuma Tamarack

The Tamarack is affordably priced but a solid performer. It features non-catalytic technology with a single air control for ease of use and a good burn time for a small stove. It's highly versatile when it comes to installation, with base options of 4 different leg styles or a pedestal, and an optional ash pan. Black, pewter colored, and actual 24k gold door options are available to suit any home decor. The Tamarack is approved for installation in manufactured homes as well as site constructed dwellings.

Kuma Ashwood

The Ashwood will comfortably heat 2000 square feet or more and will look great while doing it.  With multiple door and base styles available, the Ashwood can be outfitted for almost any home's decor.  The Ashwood has a large glass area for viewing the fire and has our most effective air wash system to keep that glass area clean, even on medium and lower burn rates.  It has a generous firebox size for a medium stove and with a 10+ hour burn time, will keep you comfortable through the coldest nights.

Kuma Wood Classic

The Wood Classic ranks in the top 10 of all stoves for EPA listed BTU output.  And, when compared only to similar non-catalytic stoves, ranks even higher.  The Wood Classic has more than a decade of proven performance under its belt, and a fair amount of that from cold north Idaho winters.  The Wood Classic boasts a number of "ease of use" features that make it a real workhorse stove.  The deep, north-south loading firebox will accept up to a 20" long piece of wood, leaving ample room for the common 18" wood length.  The optional ash pan is sizeable and handy. The real benefit to our "live" ash pan system is the ability to empty the pan first thing in the morning with coals still in the stove.  Other "plug" type systems need the fire to be out.

Kuma Sequoia

The Sequoia model boasts the highest tested efficiency of any stove in North America.  With an EPA listed efficiency of 84%, the Sequoia edges out several other large catalytic stoves for the top honors.  The Sequoia is also one of the top BTU producing stoves ever made, with the ability to comfortably heat up to 3500 square feet.  And lastly, the natural convection of the Sequoia has to be seen to be believed. The volume of air being moved by the stove's design, without the help of a blower, is truly remarkable.

Kuma Stoves

For more information about Kuma stoves, visit https://www.kumastoves.com/

Pacific Energy Heating Stoves

Alderlea T4

Alderlea woodstoves redefined the traditional cast iron stove by wrapping a graceful cast iron profile around a high-performance steel firebox, a combination that produces radiant and convection heat in an efficient, long-burning package. The T4 and the T4 Classic in porcelain enamel, incorporates a huge glass window for a clean view of the flame, warming shelves that swing out to reveal a concealed cooktop, efficient heat output and unmatched ease of use. It’s a powerful, reliable source of heat with old-world charm and unmatched durability.

Alderlea T5

With elegant historic styling that adds to the decor of any room, the T5 and the T5 Classic in porcelain enamel, combine the best of cast iron and steel stoves for radiant and convective heat. With a concealed cooktop and a huge glass window for a clean view of the flame, the T5s are easy-to-light, easy-to-use, long-burning wood heaters with old-world charm and superior durability.

Alderlea 1.2

The Alderlea 1.2 takes the tradition of cast iron charm and wraps it over a highly efficient 1.2 cubic foot steel firebox. Ideal for the cabin or occasional use rooms, this little stove is designed for heating spaces requiring short burn times. Size does not mean compromise; the Alderlea 1.2 features a wide viewing area, reduced depth for installation flexibility, and a cast iron profile to provide lasting radiant heat.

Super 27 & Super Classic

Our most popular woodburning stove based on our renowned firebox, the Super 27 and Super Classic deliver superb heating performance. With clean air wash technology, our high-capacity baffle system and legendary reliability, the Super Series is built for a lifetime of heat. Customize your Super to complement your home; choose from the Super 27 with traditional painted metallic black steel, or the Super Classic, richly finished in durable porcelain enamel and a choice of decorative trivets. Arched or radiant doors available only on the Super Series.

Super Classic

Super 27 with Legs

Super 27 with Pedestal

True North

True North is designed with the value-conscious buyer in mind. True North woodstoves deliver power and dependability. This rugged woodstove is designed for the serious wood burner. User-friendly operation, straight-in loading and clean glass are just a few of the outstanding features.

NEO 1.6

Make a bold statement with the innovative freestanding NEO 1.6. Its tall profile makes for easy loading and a line-of-sight view of the flame, while its clean lines and bold design ensure it will be the focal point of any room. Choose from painted side panels in a variety of colors or porcelain; provides radiant heat in addition to the NEO’s high-efficiency finned heat exchanger. Like its larger cousin, the NEO 2.5, is a true heating machine, with Pacific Energy’s solid steel construction.

NEO 2.5

NEO 2.5 offers elegant, modern lines, and a practical tall profile design with a larger firebox and higher heat output. With no-stoop loading, a large glass door, and simplified air control, the NEO 2.5 is a practical woodstove with Pacific Energy’s clean-burning technology that reduces emissions while maximizing burn length and fuel efficiency. It includes all the features and convenience of the NEO 1.6, including optional porcelain side panels in dramatic colors, and the ability to use the top as a cook stove. Installation is simplified with leveling legs for uneven surfaces.

Cooking Stoves

Heco 420


The perfect stove for most homes, the 420 is the perfect blend of size, efficiency and heat.

Heco 520

The largest & most popular Heco, the 520 is designed to heat larger homes and feed bigger families.

Heco 2000

A more budget friendly option, the 2000 has the unique feature of gleaming stainless steel cooking tops.


No matter what time of year we’re in, we’ll happily install your new stove. We deliver to homes and shops in:

  • Northeast and Havre de Grace, MD
  • Towson and Baltimore, MD 
  • Southeastern York County, PA including Red Lion, Wrightsville and New Bridgeville
  • Northern Lancaster County, PA including Bowmansville, Ephrata, Manheim, New Holland and Terre Hill
  • Western Chester County, PA including Coatesville, Cochranville, Downingtown and Parkesburg

We do our best to deliver your new stove on the day you want it. You can rest assured that we’ll install your stove correctly and safely in your home.

We’ll ask you, before we deliver your stove, to tell us about your home’s layout. We take extra care to make sure there is no damage to your home during your stove’s delivery and installation.

For example, we’ll put down drop cloths to protect your home’s floors and carpet on the day of delivery. We use a battery lift cart to handle your stove on steps and into your home.

Please let us know of any and all stairs in your home as well as where you want your stove installed.

When we come to your home for your stove’s installation, we bring parts and stove pipe in our service trailer so that your stove will be up and running for you on the same day as delivery.

We know that you’re making an investment to heat your home with our stoves. You can rest easy knowing that your new stove will last you for many years to come.